Types Of Teeth And Their Functions

Teeth, tear crush and grind our food for easier digestion, they are in four different shapes and perform four different functions.Teeth grow in two stages, the early teeth or milk teeth start developing before birth, during the 5th month of […] Continue Reading

11 Types Of Food You Should Avoid Biting And Chewing To Protect Your Teeth

Foods that we eat stay in our mouth for a long time in the form of tiny pieces either stuck on teeth or on trapped between the teeth. Bacteria act on this food and produce acid. This acid can slowly […] Continue Reading

What You Need to Know About Dental Caps

Dental caps are the same as crowns.  Using the two words interchangeably, we may add a dental cap to a tooth to provide more strength and conceal unsightly stains/damage. We can also position a dental cap when there is too […] Continue Reading

Causes of Cavities That You Need to Look Out For

Those who are saddled with tooth decay often wonder what causes cavities.  Cavities occur when there are bacteria living in the mouth that forms an acid that subsequently wears away at the teeth.  If tooth decay is not treated, it […] Continue Reading

What You Need To Know About Teeth Straightening with Invisalign®

Teeth straightening procedures change people’s lives. Most people desire healthy and perfectly aligned teeth. Fortunately, there are various useful teeth straightening solutions available. The most common among them being braces and Invisalign®.Over the years, Invisalign® treatment has become the preferred […] Continue Reading

5 Signs You May Need to Visit a TMJ Dentist

TMJ, or Temporomandibular Joint Disorder, is a condition where the hinge of the jaw does not work properly and it requires the services of a specialized TMJ dentist to rectify. But how does one recognize it? And how can a […] Continue Reading

A Look at the Many Non-Surgical Gum Treatments Options

If you have a problem with your gums and do not want to undergo surgery, do not panic. There are numerous non-surgical gum treatments available that will improve the condition of your gums.Below, we take a look at the different […] Continue Reading

Repair Your Smile With A Dental Restoration

If you are even the slightest bit self-conscious about your smile, dental restoration is the solution. Dental restoration can restore your once-beautiful smile so you look and feel your best.Dental restorations provide you with the healthy and beautiful teeth and […] Continue Reading

What Is Non Surgical Periodontal Therapy?

When one mentions the words “periodontal therapy,” most people automatically assume it means a surgical treatment is necessary. However, this is not always the case. Surgery is only necessary when the non-surgical treatment fails to provide the targeted outcome for […] Continue Reading

Why You Should Get a Mouthguard From Your Dentist

There are plenty of people who clench and grind their teeth yet have no idea it is happening. According to the American Sleep Association, involuntary tooth clenching, known as bruxism, affects upward of 15 percent of kids and 10 percent […] Continue Reading