Are Dental Implants Used for Replacing Lost Teeth?

Replacing Lost Teeth Coral Gables, FL

Dental implants are ideal in replacing lost teeth. Tooth loss is a huge problem among many populations. Removable teeth replacement systems, such as dentures, are not enough to provide stability. Dental implants merge with the gums and jawbone. The strong foundation allows them to function like natural teeth. If you want to know if dental implants are suitable for replacing lost teeth, here are the details.

How a dental implant works

A person suffering from tooth loss can get dental implants. The dentist must perform a proper examination to see if the patient qualifies for the procedure. Replacing lost teeth with dental implants means placing titanium rods into the patient’s jawbone. These rods are biocompatible. The body will not reject them.

The rods act as tooth roots. The presence of these rods tells the body to send nutrients to the jawbone for repair. This helps speed up the osseointegration of the titanium rods. It also prevents bone loss. The dentist will place the abutment and then the dental crowns. Replacing lost teeth with such durable materials is a huge leap from removable dentures.

Types of dental implants

Two types of dental implants are available for qualified patients. Endosteal dental implants are the most common dental implants. The dentist drills the titanium implant into the jawbone. These implants need good bone density for full support in replacing lost teeth.

A weak jawbone with a thin ridge cannot qualify for an endosteal dental implant. It qualifies for a subperiosteal dental implant. The dentist places the metal implants on the jawbone, underneath the gum tissue. The gums hold the implants in place.

Benefits of dental implants

Dental implants appear and feel like natural teeth. The dental lab creates porcelain dental crowns for dental implants. Fabricators make sure the crowns have the same shade as the patient’s natural teeth. These restorations also improve the way the patient speaks and eats. Unlike removable dentures, dental implants do not fall off or loosen when replacing lost teeth. Each implant has an independent anchor point to the jawbone.

Success rates

According to the AAOMS (American Association of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons), the success of a dental implant depends on its location. The patient must have good bone density and good healing capabilities to qualify for dental implant surgery. A patient with diabetes or a smoking habit may have difficulty during implant osseointegration. The dentist will determine if the patient can get dental implants for replacing lost teeth.

Dental implant care

A dental implant’s success also depends on its care and maintenance. Flossing and brushing daily are ideal practices in keeping implants clean and bacteria-free. Regular dental visits allow the dentist to check the implants and the surrounding dental structures and soft tissue. Using a fluoride mouthwash can also ensure the optimal condition of dental implants for replacing lost teeth.

Replacing lost teeth with dental implants is possible

Proper installation, care, and maintenance can make dental implants last for a lifetime. These restorations are permanent. They are stable when you eat, talk, drink, smile, and speak. An appointment with your dentist can begin the preparations for replacing lost teeth with a dental implant procedure.

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