Benefits of a Dental Cleaning

Getting a dental cleaning twice a year should be a part of everyone's oral hygiene routine. That, combined with brushing teeth twice a day and flossing once a day, goes a long way when it comes to keeping teeth healthy.

To make things even better, a dental cleaning is one of the most affordable treatments provided by dentists. It is often cheaper than the price of a single filling, yet it can negate the need for fillings and other issues that can occur as a result of tooth decay.

Tooth decay is the result of acids from the food a person eats and the acids created in the mouth by bacteria being allowed to coat a person's teeth for prolonged periods. Over time, these acids damage enamel and create tiny holes on tooth surfaces called cavities. These cavities will gradually continue to expand if they are not treated, and they will eventually make their way into the pulp chamber.

Once tooth decay makes its way into the pulp chamber, serious procedures like a root canal or extraction need to be performed to safeguard the patient's health.

How a dental cleaning protects teeth from decay

The bacteria in the mouth produce plaque, which is a thin film that coats tooth surfaces. Plaque can be removed with brushing and flossing, but over time, it eventually turns into tartar. Tartar is calcified plaque and cannot be removed with flossing or brushing. A dentist needs to take it off with a metal tool called a scaler.

Benefits of a dental cleaning

There are many benefits that those who get regular teeth cleanings will enjoy. These include:

  • A cleaning removes stains that build up on teeth surfaces, and leaves the patient's smile looking whiter and brighter
  • Regular teeth cleanings help prevent serious oral issues like gum disease, which can lead to a tooth falling out of its socket
  • An oral examination is performed before every cleaning, and this increases the odds that the dentist detects serious issues like oral cancer in its early stages
  • Given the strong link between gum disease and cardiovascular issues, people who get their teeth cleaned regularly are less likely to have a stroke or heart attack
  • Regular cleanings also give the dentist a chance to detect issues with any treatments that were administered in the past
  • Regular teeth cleanings save patients money down the road, as they are affordable and covered by most insurance plans
  • Regular dental cleanings make it easier for the dentist to compare the patient's current oral health to previous visits
  • A teeth cleaning can improve and prevent bad breath

Dental cleanings are a painless procedure, yet they provide so many benefits to the patient. To sum things up, those who get regular cleanings are more likely to have good oral and overall health down the road.

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