Can a Cracked Tooth Be Fixed?

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Looking for ways a cracked tooth is fixed by a dentist? It depends on the extent of the crack. While some cracks may be so minor that there is no need for treatment, other cracks may require dental repair in order for the tooth to be saved. If you have any discomfort or pain when chewing, swollen gums and/or sensitive teeth, making an appointment with a dentist is necessary, as these are the main signs of having a crack in one or more of your teeth.

Why does a tooth crack?

A tooth can crack when someone bites downs on something hard, like a hard piece of candy or a pen. Constant teeth grinding is also why someone could experience a crack in one or more of their teeth. When someone’s oral health is in great shape, they are less likely to experience any cracks, because their teeth are strong from taking proper care of their dental health.

Can a cracked tooth be fixed?

Many people wonder if a crack in a tooth can be fixed, and the answer is yes. The dentist will first need to perform a thorough examination in order to identify the type of crack in the tooth. Some dentists use a dental dye to make the cracks more easily visible. They will also check the status of the teeth and gums to make sure there is no infection taking place. Once the dentist fully understands the types of cracks that exist, they are able to create a treatment plan for the patient.

Types of treatment options

A dentist will decide how to treat a crack in a tooth based on where the tooth is located and how damaged the tooth is due to the crack. The potential options a dentist will use to fix a cracked tooth include bonding the tooth using a special plastic resin, putting a composite filling in the tooth to make it stronger and using a crown to cover the entire tooth to give it back its strength.

Got a crack in one or more of your teeth?

If you have a cracked tooth and are concerned because it is causing you to be in pain, then you need to make a dental appointment as soon as possible. If you do not address your oral issues in a timely manner, any cracks are likely to get worse, and the last thing you want to happen is for you to lose a tooth. When you lose one or more of your teeth, it means that you need to choose a tooth replacement option so your mouth can once again be healthy.

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