Can Metal-Free Crowns Be Used on Back Teeth?

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You are in need of dental restoration and are interested in metal free crowns for your back teeth. You have likely heard that these crowns are only a good option for front teeth, but that has changed in recent years. Now, you can get a metal-free restoration for any of your teeth. Learn about the metal-free options and find out which one is the right choice for your back teeth.

Metal free crowns

People who have a metal allergy or prefer a more natural look typically choose metal free crowns. Metal-free restorations are available in composite resin, ceramic and lithium disilicate. Not all options are a good fit for the back teeth.

Lithium disilicate crowns

Lithium disilicate crowns are the newest option and the right choice for the back teeth. These glass-ceramic crowns are made of silicon and lithium, creating a natural look while maintaining durability. Lithium disilicate crowns can be placed on both front and back teeth and are not prone to chips or breaks. These crowns easily handle the force of biting and chewing.

All-ceramic crowns

Many people like all-ceramic crowns due to the natural look they provide. These crowns blend in well with the natural teeth, but the material is relatively brittle. Ceramic crowns are likely to chip or crack when placed on the back teeth. However, these crowns are a good option for the front teeth.

Composite resin crowns

Composite resin crowns are popular because of the price. These crowns typically cost less than other types of non-metal crowns. However, composite resin crowns are prone to wear and tear. These crowns are likely to chip and should not be placed on the back teeth. Some people do put them on the front teeth, but even there, composite resin crowns do not last as long as other options.

What about zirconia crowns?

Zirconia crowns are becoming increasingly popular. These crowns can be placed on front and back teeth, and although the material is not as translucent as ceramic, it still blends in nicely. Some people think that zirconia crowns are metal-free, but zirconia is actually a metal. It is part of the titanium family, so it is not an option for people who want metal-free restorations.

The process for getting crowns

The process for metal free crowns is the same for metal crowns. Dentists begin by preparing the tooth for the crown. This includes removing the damage and decay and shaping the tooth to support the crown.

The dentist then takes a mold of the tooth to send to a dental lab. The laboratory fabricates the crown and sends it back within a week or so. Patients are fitted with a temporary crown while waiting for the new crown to arrive. Once it does, the dentist checks the fit and then cements the crown in place.

Do you need a crown for a back tooth?

If you need a crown for one of your back teeth, you can choose a metal-free option. Talk to your dentist about the various materials available and make your selection. In most cases, lithium disilicate crowns are the right choice for your back teeth, but your dentist will examine you and help you choose the material.

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