Consider Sleep Medicine If You Are Frequently Sick

Sleep Medicine Coral Gables, FL

Sleep medicine is an important medical specialty that focuses on the diagnosis and therapy of sleep disorders and disturbances. Sleep deprivation is a common health issue that is focused on because of its consequences. Sleep deprivation occurs when a person ends up not getting enough sleep. It is associated with many negative effects including the increased risk of various medical conditions. Read on to find out why you should consider sleep medicine if you are occasionally sick.

Sleep medicine and lack of sleep

Frequently getting sick may not only be disruptive, but it can also be uncomfortable. Over time, it may lead to more serious health problems. It is beneficial to identify the causes of frequent sickness and to seek treatment early. Sleep deprivation is a common factor that usually causes people to keep getting sick. Here are the reasons why lack of sleep can increase the chances of a person getting sick.

Immune system

The immune system is a collection of tissues, cells and organs. They work together to defend and protect the body against disease and infection. When the immune system is not functioning properly, a person can get sick regularly. Lack of sleep can end up affecting the immune system.

People who do not sleep enough or get quality sleep have a high chance of getting sick after being exposed to a virus like a common cold virus. During sleep, the immune system releases proteins referred to as cytokines. Some of them help promote sleep. Particular cytokines need to increase when a person has inflammation or infection.

This is also necessary when a person is under stress. Sleep deprivation can end up decreasing the production of these important protective cytokines. Antibodies and cells that fight infections are also reduced during periods when an individual does not get enough sleep. Taking all this into account, the body needs sleep to effectively fight infectious diseases.

Negative effects

Sleep plays a very important role in health. During sleep, the body recovers and rests in preparation for the next day. Not getting enough sleep disrupts this process and can lead to many consequences. Sleep deprivation can contribute to fatigue and mood swings.

It can cause irritability, drowsiness and feelings of anxiety and depression. It also impairs concentration, problem-solving and reasoning. Over time, sleep deprivation usually leads to more serious consequences. Long-term lack of sleep increases the risk of diabetes, obesity and heart and blood vessel disease.


People need enough sleep to bolster the immune system. On average, most adults need seven to eight hours of good sleep per night. Teenagers need about nine to 10 hours of nightly sleep. School-aged children need about 10 hours of sleep or more. However, more sleep is not always better.

Getting a good night’s sleep can help you avoid the negative consequences of sleep deprivation. Having trouble falling asleep at night or always feeling tired, can be indicators of a sleep disorder. If you are experiencing either of these problems, you may require the assistance of a sleep medicine physician. These health care providers can treat many sleep disorders effectively.

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