Cosmetic Dentistry Tips – Ways to Keep your Smile Bright

Cosmetic dentistry has become increasingly important, because people want to keep their smile looking great. Fortunately, there are many cosmetic dental solutions for making teeth look amazing, as well as a number of things one can do to keep teeth healthy.

Steps to a brighter smile

Protect enamel

A lot of people love candy, but foods like this can actually be quite harmful for your teeth. Each tooth has a layer of enamel which protects the tooth; however, hard foods such as candy can break down this layer over time. Once the enamel is gone, it can’t come back, permanently damaging the tooth.

Sweet dessert foods, such as cake or ice cream, further incur damage against your teeth due to an excess of sugar, which builds up and decays your teeth over time. One of the best ideas for maintaining a healthy, beautiful smile is to eat food that are both low in sugar and which don’t require excess pressure to eat.

Gum care

Although many people do not pay attention to the gums, they are an extremely large part of the mouth and the smile that can cause a lot of pain when not cared for properly. Since the gums are very sensitive, it is essential that proper brushing techniques are used to minimize inflammation and bleeding. Next, flossing is also needed to remove food particles that can quickly lead to cavities, which then inflame the gums and lead to gum disease such as periodontitis.

Teeth whitening

Whitening teeth is one of the most common forms of cosmetic dentistry. You can whiten your teeth with whitening pens or more thorough gel applications when you visit a dentist. This can give your teeth a brighter, whiter smile than you’d ever imagine.

You can avoid staining teeth after whitening by keeping away from drinks which commonly cause darkening of the teeth. These kinds of drinks include coffee, teas, and some sodas. In addition, smoking or chewing tobacco can have negative effects on your teeth’s whiteness over time. In fact, whitening procedures can be completely undone if you persist with the habits that made them dark in the first place!

Cosmetic options for tooth decay

Teeth need to be cleaned regularly, not only by oneself but also by the dental hygienist who can provide deep cleanings for plaque that can no longer be removed by mere brushing. Daily brushing should be done using proper brushing techniques twice a day, while deep cleanings should be done every six months. This ensures that soft food particles are removed regularly that and hard plaque buildups are removed before they become more solidified and contribute to tooth decay.

If tooth decay has progressed beyond repair, there are several forms of cosmetic dentistry available that will produce a healthy smile. Some of these procedures include veneers, dental implants, and dentures.

Mouth guards

Did you know that many people grind their teeth unconsciously? Whether it is during stress over work or at night when they are asleep, all kinds of people accidentally bite down to release energy, causing distress and small fractures in their teeth. To avoid this, try to be aware of this during the day and ask a dentist for a mouth guard if it is possible that teeth grinding at night is present.


Many patients can benefit from the renewed confidence, better chewing and resistance to cavities that cosmetic dentistry provides, but do not realize it. To learn more or to schedule an appointment, call our office today.

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