How Dental Bonding Is Used to Minimize Gaps in Front Teeth

How Dental Bonding Is Used to Minimize Gaps in Front Teeth from Gables Exceptional Dentistry in Coral Gables, FLYou could be a candidate for dental bonding if you have gaps in your front teeth. This minimally invasive procedure will close your tooth gap and enhance your smile's appearance. The composite blends in with your natural teeth, so it will not be noticeable. Continue reading to learn more about the application process and see if bonding will be beneficial to you.

Using dental bonding for smile improvement

Dentists use composite resin during the bonding process to correct anatomical flaws such as gaps between the teeth. It just takes one dental visit and between 30 minutes to an hour to complete the process. Patients can return to their lives and enjoy normal dental functions after the procedure.

Before the dental bonding procedure, dentists will examine the patient. Dentists use the exam to see whether patients are suitable for the procedure. Candidates with minor gaps in their teeth are good candidates. People who have all of their teeth out of alignment would not be suitable candidates. In that case, the dentist might recommend another procedure.

Preparing the teeth

The treatment will proceed if the dentist determines that the patient is a good fit. The dentist starts by cleaning and preparing the teeth. The front teeth's surface must be etched before applying a conditioning liquid—the conditioning solvent aids in bonding the plastic resin material to the teeth.

Applying the bonding

The bonding material is first applied to the teeth by the dentist. The material used is matched to the natural color of the teeth. It is a putty-like paste that adheres to the teeth and covers the gaps. The dentist then forms it to look like real teeth after application. The composite is hardened using a laser or ultraviolet light and polished to give it a natural luster.

Points to note before getting bonding

Before having dental bonding, people who want to whiten their teeth should do so first. Dentists adapt the color of the bonding material to the teeth. The bonding would no longer complement the teeth if patients get their teeth whitened after the bonding. Additional bonding material might be required to achieve the desired cosmetic effects.

Additionally, patients must be aware the composite resin is brittle. Over time, tobacco use and coffee intake can stain or discolor the material. Also, the material is not as hard as natural teeth. People prone to nail-biting need to quit the habit before bonding, or the tooth will chip and need to be fixed. Those who take care of their teeth and avoid harmful oral habits can expect the bonding material to last a long time.

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Are you considering dental bonding?

You could be a suitable candidate for dental bonding if you only have a slight gap between your front teeth. Your dentist will clean and polish your front teeth before applying a composite resin material that suits the color of your natural teeth. The procedure will save you months of wearing braces or aligners since the entire procedure is completed in a single visit.

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