Five Reasons to Consider Getting Same Day Crowns

Same day crowns can be a lifesaver. One of the most prevalent problems people face when it comes to their teeth is dental damage. Tooth decay, oral injuries and common wear and tear are some of the reasons teeth can become damaged.

Dental crowns are a convenient way to prevent infection, restore normal function of the teeth and reduce the pain caused by damaged enamel. For most people, spending several hours at the dentist's office to get a crown is simply not an option because of their busy schedules. Same day crowns provide a great solution for people who need to have their teeth fixed but do not want to keep going back to the dentist for the procedure.

Benefits of same day crowns

A few reasons same day crowns are a perfect solution include:

1. Patients do not have to get temporaries

Unlike traditional crowns that often involve the use of temporary crowns, there are no such things as temporaries when it comes to same-day crowns. Patients who have gotten temporaries often complain about how unnatural they look. Also, skipping the temporaries means the patient cuts down on the number of trips they make to the dentist, since they do not have to worry about going back to have the permanent crown installed.

2. Same day crowns have the best fit

People who opt for same day crowns get the best fit. Dentists are aware that the fitting is not temporary, so they take time to give patients crowns that will last them a long time. Same day crowns are made with digital scanning and milling technology that ensures each patient is fitted with the most comfortable and natural-looking crown.

3. Patients get a new smile immediately

Poor dental health affects people's self-esteem. People who are aware of their dental problems smile and laugh less. Same day crowns restore their smiles immediately. That is why most people prefer same day crowns, since they simply go in to see the dentist and come out with a new smile.

4. Patients do not need dental putty

Traditional crowns often involve the use of a mold to take an impression of the patient's mouth. Most patients find the taste of dental putty to be unpleasant. Keeping it in the mouth can also be uncomfortable. Same day crowns offer patients a chance to avoid that, thanks to the digital imaging.

5. The installation preserves more of the existing tooth

During the installation of a traditional crown, the dentist has to file down the tooth to install the crown. Same day crowns do not require as much filing, preserving most of the tooth's structure.

If you are considering getting crowns or have been advised by a dentist to get crowns, consider getting same day crowns. Feel free to schedule a consultation with one of our dentists if you have any questions about what the procedure entails.

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