Why You Should Get a Mouthguard From Your Dentist

DentistThere are plenty of people who clench and grind their teeth yet have no idea it is happening. According to the American Sleep Association, involuntary tooth clenching, known as bruxism, affects upward of 15 percent of kids and 10 percent of adults. Anyone who grinds or clenches their teeth should invest in a mouth guard from their dentist. A mouth guard also makes sense for those who participate in contact sports that pose a threat to the integrity of the teeth, gums and tongue.

About Night Guards

Night guards are translucent, incredibly thin devices patients wear over the mouth. People wear the night guard along the biting surface of the teeth when the patient sleeps. It stops the top and bottom portions of the teeth from contacting one another.

In fact, people can receive a customized night guard for the uniqueness of the individual patient's jaw. We will have a dental lab model the guard by taking a mold of the patient to ensure that it fits perfectly in the mouth.

How Night Guards Help

Night guards assist with everything from TMJ to tooth pain, wear and tear, chronic headaches, crown cracking, teeth cracking and beyond. Clenching and grinding can cause nasty headaches. The pressure along the jaw is responsible for the ensuing pain.

Night guards are essential to prevent gradual wear as the clenching continues. Bruxism will inevitably cause significant pain unless a night guard is in place to act as a barrier. It is even possible for the pressure of grinding and clenching the teeth during the night to fracture or crack the tooth or a crown. This is precisely why it makes sense to get a mouth guard from the dentist.

Cushioning for Jaw Muscles

Your mouth guard will provide much-needed cushioning for the jaw muscles. Do not underestimate the power of these muscles. They can clench quite tightly through the night and cause damage unless you have a mouth guard in place to absorb the incredible force. This cushioning safeguards tooth enamel against the pressure of grinding.

Why Getting a Mouth Guard From the Dentist is the Best Approach

While you can pick up a mouth guard from the store, it will not be the same as the version from your dentist. The mouth guards that we help customize will consist of sturdy material that does not hurt the patient and remains intact for longer than a few weeks. We custom fit these mouth guards for each patient's unique jaw and surrounding teeth.

We will take a mold of the patient's teeth and send it to a dental lab for creation. These mouth guards prove comfortable, durable and highly effective in combating bruxism and preserving the integrity of the mouth. Do not wait for the teeth to grind down until they need replacement and seek a mouth or night guard today.

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