How Does a Dental Crown Work?

Dental Crown Coral Gables, FL

You can rejuvenate your tooth with a dental crown. This simple system needs two dental visits to complete. The time and effort that you will devote to this procedure will be worth it when you get your custom-fit crown. If you are thinking about getting a dental crown soon, below are the details of how it works.

The way a dental crown helps

A dental crown is a tooth-shaped cap. It covers any dental imperfection. After the crown placement, the tooth regains its structure and function. Dental crowns envelop the visible part of the tooth above the gumline. Dentists can place crowns over primary teeth to protect the teeth that cannot have dental fillings. In adults, crowns can restore teeth with large, deep cavities.

If a patient has a collection of dental problems, crowns can correct them right away. A fractured or chipped tooth can be embarrassing, especially when it is in the front part of the jaw. After treating the tooth, the dentist can place a crown over it. This stabilizes the visible dental structure and saves the tooth from a possible extraction. Dental crowns protect the patient’s natural teeth like a second shell.

The treatment starts with a dental X-ray to see if there is damage to the jawbone. The dentist will start working if the damage is above the patient’s gumline. Cleaning the tooth is the next step. After this, the dentist will take an impression of the patient’s tooth. The dental lab will use this impression to create the patient’s crown. While waiting for the permanent crown, the dentist will provide the patient with a temporary one.

With the touch of digital dentistry

Digital dentistry is making it easier for patients to get crowns. Digital X-rays allow dentists to get a clear shot of the patient’s dentition. After this, the dentist can use a 3D printer to print out the patient’s permanent dental crown. This does not take weeks to accomplish at all.

Caring for the dental crown

Dental crowns come in various materials, such as gold or resin. Yet, most patients choose ceramic or porcelain crowns. These materials can blend well with the patient’s natural teeth. With proper care, a crown can last for up to 15 years.

The patient should stop bad habits such as jaw clenching, teeth grinding, or chewing ice. Even if a dental crown is durable, it could still break if the patient uses it for opening bottles or packages. Practicing good oral care can also help extend the life span of the teeth. This means brushing twice daily, flossing before bed, and using an antibacterial mouthwash. Of course, the patient should never forget to keep routine dental appointments. The dentist can check the patient’s crown during checkups.

A dental crown is a custom prosthesis that works

Your dental crown is a prosthesis that can restore a tooth without surgery. A crown can bring back the appearance and function of your tooth. It may take a while to get traditional dental crowns, but the results are worth the wait. Researching about your upcoming dental crown procedure can help you prepare better for it.

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