How Long Will a Dental Crown Smile Makeover Take?

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A smile makeover is an option to consider if you are displeased with the appearance of your smile. Dental crowns are particularly included in the treatment to repair a damaged tooth and improve its appearance. One common fact many patients want to know is how long the process will take so that they can set realistic expectations.

The duration of the dental crown procedure

The dental crown smile makeover usually involves two trips to the dental office. They include:

Preparing the tooth for the crown

This step generally takes about 60 to 90 minutes to finish. First, the dentist will clean any decay if any, and assess the tooth enamel to determine how much trimming or building up will be necessary to create a good-fitting crown. The dentist will build up the tooth’s structure if the tooth needs extra support. After reshaping the tooth, the dentist will take impressions with a paste or digital scanner to create a matching crown.

The dental professional will place a temporary crown over the prepared tooth for protection during the production of the permanent dental crown, which should take less than two weeks. With the temporary crown, the tooth may feel sensitive to heat and cold. Patients may also get their dental crown the same day if the dentist has the tools for making the crown.

Before placing a temporary crown, the dentist will make a color match. Afterward, the impression is forwarded to the dental lab, where they will use a plaster cast to make the new crown.

Getting the permanent crown

When the permanent crown is ready, the temporary crown will be removed from the tooth after the application of the local anesthetic. The dentist will examine the fit and color of the crown before attaching the new crown. When all necessary adjustments are completed, the crown will be cemented permanently to the tooth. This process usually takes between 20 to 30 minutes.

The fit of the crown is crucial to ensure stability and longevity. When placed correctly, a dental crown restores the structural integrity of the tooth, improving its strength and stability. If the crown fits poorly, bacteria can accumulate around the tooth and cause tooth decay gradually. Before the placement, the dental professional will also check the gum and supporting bone structure to ensure they are in good condition.

The primary goal of the dental crown smile makeover is not just cosmetic, but also to protect the tooth and reduce the risk of gum recession, which may expose what is called the crown margin. When a crown is placed correctly, and the patient cares for it properly, the crown should last for up to a decade or more.

In conclusion

The entire dental crown smile makeover typically spans over two weeks through two different dental appointments. This may seem time-consuming, but the result is a tooth that is both functional and cosmetically appealing. The dentist can provide a professional opinion on when dental crowns are the best option to choose.

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