Repair Your Smile With A Dental Restoration

Dental RestorationIf you are even the slightest bit self-conscious about your smile, dental restoration is the solution. Dental restoration can restore your once-beautiful smile so you look and feel your best.

Dental restorations provide you with the healthy and beautiful teeth and gums you have long desired.


If you have tooth decay, your dentist will recommend fillings. You will keep all of your structurally sound teeth and no one will have any idea you have fillings in your mouth. Today's fillings are available in numerous colors, each of which can be slightly altered to ensure they match the surrounding teeth. Fillings provide you with the healthy and beautiful smile you need to look your best.


Crowns cap the existing teeth. They enhance the outward appearance, especially for teeth that are most visible. This improved aesthetic appeal is a large part of what makes crowns such a popular treatment option. Each side of the tooth is fully covered by the crown to provide that lovely natural look you have been coveting.


If you have recently lost a tooth, a bridge just might prove to be the perfect remedy for function as well as form. Bridgework is an option if the gap in your mouth is surrounded by health teeth along all sides. This procedure requires the dentist securing the new false tooth with crowns on the surrounding teeth. Once the dentist is content with the placement of the false tooth, it can be cemented to your mouth. The end result is a smile that looks natural and gives you the confidence you need.

Dental Implants

A dental implant is best described as a titanium rod that serves as the functional root for the new tooth. The condition of the jaw determines if a bone graft is necessary prior to the dental implant process. Though dental implants require more of a time commitment than some other oral health solutions, they provide a gorgeous smile that looks and feels perfect.


The dentist might suggest partial or whole dentures after assessing the condition of your teeth. Dentures are an excellent dental restoration option for those who prefer wearing dentures rather than being subjected to several intensive treatments. This is the affordable and practical means of repairing a smile.


Veneers are extraordinarily thin shells made of materials that match tooth color. They are custom made for each individual patient by dental technicians in a dental lab. The purpose of veneers is to cover the front of teeth that are stained, crooked, cracked, chipped or otherwise decayed. The placement of veneers is almost always an irreversible process as some enamel from the tooth must be removed for the placement of the shell.

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