Root Canal Treatment Procedure


Endodontics is a way to treat infections that have affected the root of your tooth. At Gables Exceptional Dentistry in Coral Gables, FL, we commonly use a procedure known as a root canal treatment. The first step is to schedule a diagnostic to find out how badly the tooth has been affected. It is always our intention to save the tooth if possible, which is why we need to know how badly the pulp has been affected and if we can restore the structure. An endodontics root canal procedure is done in steps once we have determined how best to save the tooth.

The first step toward a successful endodontics root canal treatment is to administer anesthesia via an injection to numb the tooth. If the tooth is inflamed it is important to reduce or eliminate your discomfort, which is why we will administer the local anesthesia and wait till it has taken effect before touching the tooth itself.

Next, we will place a dental dam, or a thin sheet of vinyl, over the affected area. We will also cover the nearby teeth to protect them. This standard procedure is done to create a sterile environment in which to work and treat the infected root with a root canal treatment. Once the tooth is isolated, we can start the work of treating the actual dental pulp and root, which means we need to reach the root. To do this, we will drill a small hole through the biting surface of the tooth, which gives us the ability to treat the pulp chamber and root canals.

At Gables Exceptional Dentistry, our dentist will use special tools to remove the diseased and dead pulp. It is important to note that this is not a painful process since the tooth is numb and the tissue we are removing is either dead or dying. Even better, once the tissue is removed, the tooth itself will feel no discomfort, which is the objective of endodontics. After the root canal has been fully cleaned out, we will disinfect it with antiseptic and antibacterial solutions to keep it from getting infected again. Then the canal is shaped and cleaned again, which prepares it for filling. The fillings we use in endodontics are known as gutta-percha, or a thermoplastic, along with an adhesive cement, known as a sealer. 

Once we have finished the procedure in our 33134 dental office, we often complete the process by restoring the missing enamel with a composite filling.  In some cases, a dental crown is necessary to completely restore the functionality and appearance of the tooth.  We can discuss the procedure with you in further detail when you come in for a consultation and dental exam.  Call (305) 203-4132 to schedule yours today.

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