Don’t Try To Out-Last Dental Pain

Root Canal Treatment Coral Gables, FL

Root canal treatment can relieve the pain and helps you keep your natural teeth.

Root Canal Treatment

There are layers to your teeth beneath the surface of the enamel. Any damage to the tooth through an accident or infection can result in any number of issues. With root canal treatment, we can relieve pain, remove any trace of infection from the teeth, prevent the spread of infection to other teeth, and help you maintain a healthy smile with your natural teeth.

A root canal procedure is all about saving your tooth. During root canal treatment, we will remove the infected dental pulp to preserve as much of the tooth as possible. If the innermost layer of the tooth, known as the dental pulp, is infected, then we will need to remove it. By doing so, you will experience relief from the aches and pain.

An infected tooth can cause physical pain to the teeth, while also making it difficult to eat food without the soreness occurring. Once we remove the infected dental pulp, we will close the tooth up to prevent the chance of further infection.

From there, you will be able to chew food and clean your tooth without pain getting in the way. In the first few days following the procedure, we will offer advice on how to relieve any soreness. We will also go over how you can continue to take care of your teeth and prevent further oral health issues.

Call us to learn how a root canal treatment can help you maintain a healthy set of teeth and a healthy smile.

Gables Exceptional Dentistry

At Gables Exceptional Dentistry in Coral Gables, we work to customize your treatment to match your needs and schedule where possible. Our professional staff aims to create a calm atmosphere for you during the appointment and treatment process. We will identify any dental issues you are struggling with and work with you to find the solution that works best for you.

Our staff seeks to create a comforting environment at the office to ease patients into the procedure. We can help prevent damage to your teeth and set you on track for a lifetime of quality oral health. At Gables Exceptional Dentistry, your dental health is our prime concern.

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