Should I Have My Tonsils Removed if I Have Sleep Apnea?

Sleep apnea can be a potentially serious disorder that has a variety of treatment methods. One of the most common is that of tonsil removal. However, the tonsils should only be removed in certain situations. Find out more in this article as we go over tonsil removal to treat sleep apnea. There are a few key things to note when considering tonsil removal to treat sleep apnea, and being aware of them can be helpful!

Sleep apnea

Before understanding whether or not tonsil removal can treat your sleep apnea, it is important to learn what sleep apnea actually is and how it affects a person. Sleep apnea is a disorder in which a person’s breathing stops repeatedly while they are asleep. The airways typically get blocked or collapse, which causes the breathing to stop. Sleep apnea can be very dangerous because over time the entire body has to work harder to get oxygen. The long-term effects of sleep apnea can be dangerous and harmful to the lungs, brain and heart.

Tonsil removal for sleep apnea

Sleep apnea can be caused by a lot of things, which means that the treatment methods may also be different. A lot of sleep apnea is dependent on each specific person, so it’s important that the dentist or doctor carefully evaluates each person. Tonsil removal to treat sleep apnea is only recommended and performed in certain situations.

When is it recommended?

Some people are born with enlarged tonsils, which can present a whole host of problems for a person, but most commonly, sleep apnea. The airway will easily get blocked by the oversized tonsils, which can cause the breathing to repeatedly stop.

Often times, enlarged tonsils are noticed in children early on, which is one of the most common reasons that children have their tonsils removed at an early age. However, sometimes sleep apnea may not develop until a person becomes older. If a person has oversized tonsils and they experience sleep apnea, then tonsil removal can be performed to help treat the disruptive sleep patterns.

Things to note

While tonsil removal can help with airway blockage, it is good to know that some health professionals don’t recommend this procedure. People that are overweight or have poor dieting habits should attempt to change their diet as well as their weight. Often times, excess amounts of fat can build up around the neck, which can cause the airway to experience difficulties.

Talk to a dentist or doctor

Both doctors and dentists can treat sleep apnea, and it never hurts to talk to each of them. Having your tonsils removed is a routine procedure that is performed every day, but it may not be for you. It is best to talk with one of these professionals about the best treatment plan since everyone is different. Give us a call or stop by our office so that we can help you further!

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