Teeth Whitening Commonly Asked Questions

Teeth Whitening FAQ

How long does teeth whitening take?

Teeth whitening typically takes around 45 minutes to complete. The dentist will educate you about the teeth whitening process prior to applying the whitening solution. This information session might take 15 minutes or so. All in all, the entire appointment will likely last about an hour.

When will I see results?

Your teeth will be several shades whiter immediately after the treatment.

How much whiter will my teeth be?

Your teeth will be upwards of eight shades whiter from the initial shade. However, the degree of whiteness hinges on the hue your desire and the level of staining on your teeth. Even the mineral content of your teeth plays a role in determining the whitest possible shade.

Does teeth whitening hurt?

There might be a slight feeling of discomfort. However, teeth whitening typically proves painless.

Does teeth whitening damage teeth?

Not in our office. Our teeth whitening methods do not cause any short-term or long-term damage to tooth enamel or dentin. We can help ensure to protect your gums during the procedure in our office. Alternatively, if you choose at-home teeth whitening products purchased over-the-counter, there is the potential for the bleaching agent to leak out onto your gums. When in doubt, rely on our dentist for a safe and thorough application.

How long will teeth whitening last?

In most cases, the whitening lasts for a full year. However, the results of teeth whitening hinge on your unique lifestyle, food consumption and commitment to oral care.

Does teeth whitening beautify crowns or other dental restorations?

No. Teeth whitening only improves the shade of regular teeth. However, it is possible for teeth whitening to restore the hue of false teeth.

I have a major life event approaching in the near future, when should I whiten my teeth for the best results?

The best approach is to whiten your teeth three weeks prior to the event. If you want to whiten your teeth sooner, you might need a follow-up treatment the week prior to the event. Such a follow-up treatment will take a mere 20 minutes or so. The little bit of time is well worth it.

Is scaling and polishing necessary before teeth whitening?

While we will eliminate stains and plaque during the whitening process, teeth whitening is not a substitute for scaling and polishing  If there is visible tartar on the exterior of teeth, scaling and polishing will be necessary prior to teeth whitening.

Is it possible to whiten a dead tooth?

Dead teeth rarely benefit from any form of teeth whitening. This is attributable to the fact that dead teeth behave differently than living teeth.

Can teeth whitening gel be used on my sensitive teeth?

The tolerance for teeth whitening gel hinges from one individual to the next. Certain patients endure reversible tooth sensitivity. Some patients have gum irritation after the use of whitening gel. However, reducing the length of teeth bleaching sessions and upping the length of time between sessions will minimize sensitivity and irritation.

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