The Benefits of Wisdom Teeth Removal in Your Teens or 20s

Wisdom Teeth Coral Gables, FL

People have a total of four wisdom teeth. There are two of them in the back of the upper jaw and two in the back of the lower jaw. Dentists often recommend the extraction of wisdom teeth in your teens or 20s. It may be a difficult decision to make, but the dental extraction can improve your dental health. If you are thinking about having your dentist remove your wisdom teeth, here are the benefits of doing so.

Prevents overcrowding

During the patient’s teens or 20s, the back molars will have developed already. If the third molars start erupting, these healthy teeth will shift out of alignment. This happens because there is no room for more teeth anymore. If the dentist removes the wisdom teeth, the patient prevents extensive and expensive orthodontic treatment in the future.

Removes the risk of periodontitis

An impacted or misaligned third molar is difficult to clean. A regular toothbrush cannot pull out the stubborn food particles between the semi-erupted third molar and the surrounding gum tissue. Once the food particles stay, bacteria gather. This leads to the development of cavities. It also increases the patient’s risk of developing a painful gum inflammation — pericoronitis.

Prevents damage to neighboring teeth

It is rare for wisdom teeth to come out in proper alignment. The mouth tends to lack the space for third molars. This results in a condition called impacted wisdom teeth. Jaw pain, bad breath, tenderness, and headaches are common symptoms of this dental issue. Wisdom teeth tend to erupt at the wrong angle, damaging other teeth. Pulling out wisdom teeth can relieve the pain.

Lowers the risk of developing dental cysts

In some cases, benign tumors, fluid-filled sacs or cysts can develop near the wisdom teeth. These growths weaken the jawbone, disrupt the oral nerves, and damage neighboring teeth. Some cysts may even cause a jaw fracture, which is rare. Wisdom teeth removal can reduce the patient’s risk of having these growths.

Prevents oral injuries and infections

When third molars erupt toward the side of the mouth, it can cause damage to the gum tissue and the root system of the neighboring teeth. This creates various openings for bacterial infection. If the dentist does not remove the misaligned wisdom teeth, pain, inflammation, and infection will continue. The bacterial infection can spread to the bones and into the bloodstream.

Improves oral hygiene

Wisdom teeth are the last molars to grow in the mouth. They are in the back of the mouth, making them difficult to clean. This insufficient cleaning results in cavities and gum infection. Removing wisdom teeth will allow more space to clean the back teeth better.

The extraction of your wisdom teeth leads to a healthier mouth

Many people retain their wisdom teeth because of the belief that these teeth are signs of growing wisdom. This is not true at all. These are simply the last molars to erupt in the mouth. Having your dentist extract them leads to the enhancement of your oral health. An appointment with your dentist can start your procedure right away.

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