What Is Involved in the Typical Smile Makeover?

Smile Makeover Coral Gables, FL

A smile makeover is a series of cosmetic dental treatments aimed at improving the way that your teeth look. It is strategically crafted to address the cosmetic issues taking away from your smile. Fixing these problems often provides restorative benefits as well, improving your dental and overall health.

What to expect when getting a smile makeover

Getting a smile makeover typically starts with a dentist evaluating a person’s teeth. Some of the treatments used in cosmetic dentistry, like teeth whitening, require the patient to have overall decent dental health to prevent complications.

The dentist will perform a visual examination of the patient’s teeth, looking for signs of gum disease and tooth decay. X-rays and other diagnostic tools might also be used to evaluate the patient’s teeth and gums. Any issues detected are typically treated before proceeding with a smile makeover.

Once the patient has been cleared, the dentist will create a custom treatment approach. The plan strategically sets up each treatment when it will be most effective and cost-efficient for the patient.

For example, teeth whitening treatments can whiten teeth, but the bleaching agents used have no effect on restorations like crowns and veneers. Therefore, teeth whitening treatments are typically performed before fitting patients with restorations like veneers, so the cosmetics can be color-matched with the color of the patient’s teeth once their ideal shade has been reached. Popular treatments that a dentist might recommend as part of a patient’s smile makeover treatment include the following.

Composite bonding

This involves using a resin made from mixtures of glass and plastics to rebuild and restore damaged teeth. It can also be used to cover stains and discoloration that cannot be whitened with bleaching agents or to cover gaps between teeth.

Teeth whitening

Professional teeth whitening treatments are performed using bleaching agents like hydrogen peroxide and hydrogen carbamide. It is an effective way to significantly whiten the color of a person’s teeth, and a session can improve the whiteness of teeth by eight shades.


These are covers that are attached to the front part of teeth to hide stains and deformities on them. They can be used to fix dental problems like short teeth, chipped teeth, broken teeth, spaces between teeth, and crooked teeth.


Dental crowns are versatile cosmetics that are used to fix problems like severely broken or chipped teeth, discoloration, short teeth, and spaces between teeth. These restorations provide patients with cosmetic and restorative benefits. They are designed to look like real teeth, making it virtually impossible to tell that a tooth is covered with a crown.

Craft your ideal smile

Thanks to modern dental tools, any smile can be transformed using treatments like teeth whitening, composite resin, and crowns. Call or visit our Coral Gables clinic to schedule a consultation with our dentist.

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