What to Expect During a Dental Crown Procedure

After scheduling an appointment with the dentist, he or she will talk with about special needs, goals for that beautiful smile and the desired outcome. The dentist will then check the teeth to determine if a dental crown is suitable. 

When the need for a new dental crown is evident, it is helpful to know what the crown procedure includes. Whether a chipped tooth, broken or worn-down tooth, understanding the method gives peace of mind. Understanding how to create a durable, natural-looking crown that looks and feels like your natural teeth.

The dental crown process

Careful assessment

Careful evaluation of the current dental health will regulate if a dental crown is the best restoration answer based on the specific smile goals and the present state of the teeth.

Keep in mind!

It may be evident that a crown is the best choice, but if not, the dentist will make another recommendation and discuss what the treatment options are. At this point, the dentist should ensure what the expected results are with the chosen restoration process. The goal is to be able to make an educated decision.

The process of a dental crown

The crowning procedure itself usually needs at least two additional dental appointments after the first assessment. The initial visit includes shaping the damaged tooth, taking an impression and placing a temporary crown. Amid the two visits, the dental laboratory will construct the new crown, which typically takes about two weeks to finish. During the second visit, the dentist will cement the finished crown into place.

Precise design and placement

An expert dentist will take time, making sure that the crown fits the tooth seamlessly. Next, the dentist will thoroughly clean and prepare the tooth so that it can house the new crown securely. Detailed impressions of the tooth, exact measurements to shape it in a manner that will ensure that the crown isn't placed either too high or too low will be performed.

The essential purpose of a crown is to return the natural look and feel to the damaged tooth. An inaccurately placed crown may result in pain, can cause problems with the bite and even offer further damage to the original tooth.

Monitoring and following up

Always schedule follow-up appointments to check the dental crown for both functions and fit Even if everything is going fine, it's important to keep these appointments to confirm that the crown will last and not cause any future issues.

That's it!

Getting a crown is a much simpler and straightforward procedure than most people think – and reading blogs like assisting in informing and preparing patients every step of the way. Most offer financing options, in case dental insurance or insurance does not cover the whole cost of the crown.

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