When Dentists May Recommend Metal Free Fillings

Metal Free Fillings Coral Gables, FL

Dental clinics often use metal free fillings. Cavities will always occur even in people with strict dental care practices. Decades ago, metal fillings were the common solution to this type of dental problem. Advances in dentistry have brought on the use of non-metal dental fillings. If you want to know when your dentist may suggest the use of metal free fillings, here are the details.

The approach is more conservative

Using metal fillings involves removing a significant amount of natural tooth structure. The enamel is a crucial layer of the tooth. It cannot regenerate. That is why the dentist will use metal free fillings instead.

Placing these fillings will mean removing a little of the enamel. This will be enough to heal the tooth. The natural tooth will be stronger. The fillings will remain on for decades with proper care and maintenance.

Metal free fillings blend well with the natural teeth

Metal, amalgam, or silver fillings are visible in the patient’s mouth. These fillings show when the patient smiles, speaks, or laughs. That is why many dentists recommend metal free fillings. The dentist can choose the right shade of fillings to match the patient’s natural tooth color. The fillings will be almost invisible. It will be difficult to tell if the person had treatment for fillings.

Prevents exposure to mercury

Amalgam fillings are silver in appearance because it is a mixture of metals. Tin, silver, gold, copper, and mercury are in these fillings. Mercury is a toxic, liquid metal. It binds all the other metals in the filling mixture. Its presence in amalgam fillings puts the health of patients at high risk.

Does not need drilling

Metal fillings need significant drilling to create enough room for them. The sounds and smells from drilling can cause severe anxiety in many patients. Even seeing the drill can cause panic attacks. The dentist will recommend metal free fillings for patients who have dental anxiety.

The tooth does not need drilling at all in most non-metal filling placements. Using an etching solution is often enough. The dentist will then bond the dental filling to the prepared cavity. This will at least reduce the patient’s anxiety about the procedure.

Does not trigger allergies

Many people have metal allergies. A patient could react to copper, mercury, gold, tin, or silver once the dentist places the amalgam fillings. The patient may have a localized reaction, which could be inflammation or rashes. Some cases may lead to the removal of the filling.

Metal free fillings prevent allergic reactions to metal. The patient can have a healthier tooth without worrying about allergy symptoms. The material in non-metal fillings is a mixture of glass and plastic. A patient can enjoy a tooth-colored filling. Worries about metal fillings can go away.

A recommendation of metal free fillings can improve your dental and general health

Metal fillings could harm you more than they could help you. Their metal components can be toxic and cause you to suffer from allergy symptoms. Your dentist can recommend metal free fillings to ensure your dental and general health. Getting these fillings will not take long at all. You can get them at one dental appointment.

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