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According to the American Dental Association, veneers are thin, custom-made shells crafted of tooth-colored materials designed to cover the front side of teeth.

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What are dental veneers?

Dental veneers are also called porcelain veneers and dental porcelain laminates. A veneer is specifically designed to cover up a number of tooth imperfections, with a goal of improving one's overall appearance when smiling. Dental veneers are often used to cover up many minor tooth imperfections, as well as some major ones.

Veneers are gum friendly and easy to take care of, as they simply need to be brushed twice a day and flossed at least once a day just like one's natural teeth.

What are examples for why someone would choose to have dental veneers?

The following list includes common reasons someone would choose to get dental veneers on one or more of their teeth:

  • Their teeth are discolored, and they would like them to appear whiter and brighter
  • They have one or more chips in their teeth that they would like to have covered up
  • They have a minor break in one of their front teeth and would like it to be repaired
  • They participate in teeth grinding or teeth clenching, and their teeth are worn down
  • They have gaps in their teeth that they would like to minimize
  • Their teeth are minimally crooked, and they would like them to be straighter
  • They do not like the overall shape of their teeth and would like to correct them

  • How are veneers used in cosmetic dentistry?

    Dental veneers are mostly used in the cosmetic dentistry field because they are a high-quality tooth repair option that can be used to look like a natural tooth. This means that when veneers are used, it can be difficult to tell the difference between the natural teeth and the veneers. Every veneer is custom made for each dental patient. This means for every tooth imperfection that can be corrected using veneers, the patient can expect a dentist to make it so that the veneer's color, shape, size and length are able to perfectly fit in with their remaining natural teeth.

    Do veneers strengthen teeth?

    Yes, dental veneers can be used to strengthen a dental patient's weak teeth. Because veneers are used to cover up a variety of tooth imperfections, the teeth in need of treatment are likely to already be weak. When a professional cosmetic dentist creates veneers for a patient in order to hide any imperfections so they can once again feel confident when smiling, the dentist adds additional materials to the teeth that will make them stronger.

    Are veneers permanent?

    Yes, dental veneers are considered to be a permanent tooth repair option. A cosmetic dentist will need to prepare the teeth by removing a small amount of the enamel before applying the veneers.

    How often do veneers need to be replaced?

    While veneers are indeed considered to be a permanent repair option that can fix a variety of tooth imperfections, they will need to eventually be replaced, often anywhere between seven years and 10 years. As dental materials continue to be improved on, it is expected that dental veneers will one day only need to be replaced every 15 or 20 years.

    How long do veneers last on front teeth?

    The average amount of time dental veneers will last on the front teeth is about 10 years. After this amount of time, a cosmetic dentist will need to replace them.

    Can veneers be used on crooked teeth?

    Yes, veneers can be used to help correct teeth that are not as straight as one would like. This means that veneers can also help correct an overcrowded mouth, which can be an alternative to wearing braces for some dental patients. Instead of choosing braces to straighten out their crooked teeth, which can take anywhere from six to 24 months, they can choose dental veneers, which can give them the straighter teeth they want in only a matter of days.

    Can veneers fall out of someone’s mouth?

    While it is rare, it is possible for veneers to fall off someone’s teeth. The bonding process used to attach veneers to a dental patient's tooth is one that ensures the veneer will stay exactly in its place. If a dental veneer falls off or looks loose, there could be a problem with the bonding process. In this case, an additional trip to see the cosmetic dentist is necessary in order to fix the problem.

    Additional reasons veneers may fall out of someone’s mouth include clenching or grinding of teeth, biting nails, chewing on hard objects like pencils or ice and anything else that would put unnecessary pressure on their teeth.

    So ...

    Dental veneers do require some care, making it necessary for all dental patients who get veneers to follow the guidelines in place for taking proper care of their veneers.

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