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How To Care For Your CEREC® Crown

How To Care For Your CEREC® Crown

CEREC crowns are ceramic crowns that are made in the dentist’s office using computer-aided design (CAD) and computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) technology. This allows a patient to get fitted for a crown on the same day, instead of waiting for more than a week to have the crown made in a dental laboratory.The dentist uses the…

Ceramic Crowns: An Option For Same Day Smile Transformation

Ceramic Crowns: An Option For Same-Day Smile Transformation

Same-day smile transformations are growing with popularity, and it is all thanks to ceramic crowns! This modernized method of dentistry allows a busy person to receive the dental care they need within one day. Ceramic crowns are becoming the new standard for dental restoration. In this article, we discuss ceramic crowns and how they are a…