Read Facts You Should Know About Dental Bonding

Dental BondingIf you have an interest in improving your smile, dental bonding can help. This is a non-invasive procedure that we can perform very quickly. In fact, if you are looking for a near-immediate improvement to your smile, a bonding procedure is likely your best option outside of teeth whitening. We can finish it in 30 minutes to an hour per tooth.

If you are unfamiliar with dental bonding, here is what you need to know:

Bonding can be used for children and adults

When a child chips a tooth, a bonding material can restore it because the process is non-invasive and faster than any other type of restoration. Busy adults also enjoy how this procedure only takes one appointment. Since it is non-invasive, virtually everyone qualifies.

It is affordable

Since bonding is relatively quick and does not require dental lab services, it is more affordable than having traditional restoration options. If someone is budget-conscious, then he or she needs to consider dental bonding.

The procedure is reversible

If anyone wants to improve the appearance of his or her teeth but is not sure about which solution is the best choice, bonding is always an effective option.With dental bonding, we do not need to remove any of the enamel. Thus, if one wants to try a dental veneer at a later date, then one can certainly do so. This option provides patients with the most flexibility.

It is completed chairside

Many restorations require molds or impressions that we then send to the dental lab for completion. Dental bonding is a chairside restoration because the dentist can start and finish it in one appointment.

The process is simple

No matter the patient's age we will clean and prepare the teeth before the procedure. We will then ensure the shade of the bonding material matches the surrounding teeth before applying it to the surface of the teeth. We will then carefully shape it until the tooth looks beautiful and natural. The bonding material will quickly harden in place.

The general process of dental bonding is incredibly simple and comfortable for patients. However, shaping the bonding material does require the skill of an expert cosmetic dentist. If someone completes the bonding incorrectly, the tooth will have a strange or unnatural appearance. We can ensure that the patient's smile looks beautiful and natural once complete. After the bonding material hardens, patients can return to their normal activities and eat their favorite foods without restriction.

The bonding material is very strong, but it typically will not last as long as a dental crown. If you have more extensive damage, are looking to protect your tooth, or want something extremely long-lasting, a crown might be a better option due to its durability. Both look natural, so we can discuss all options with you when you schedule a dental examination at Gables Exceptional Dentistry.

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